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Dar Al-Dabbagh in Fez: A Rich Source of Authentic Moroccan Leather

Dar Al-Dabbagh in Fez: A Rich Source of Authentic Moroccan Leather.

The city of Fez is the Authentic Moroccan Leather considered the first center for tanning, Authentic Moroccan Leatherand it embraced the largest number of tanning houses, followed by Marrakech and Casablanca. The tanneries of Fez occupy thousands of traditional manufacturers of tanning leather that they were buying from various Moroccan cities for recycling by traditional methods. With Luxury Fez Tours, you will get to know more about this traditional place, Dar al-Dabbagh, and have unforgettable memories in it.

One of the most famous places in the Authentic Moroccan Leather, “Dar Al-Dabbagh Shwara”, it is considered as one of the oldest tanneries in the world. It was built in the eleventh century and located near the school of Al-Seffarine on the bank of the river in the neighborhood of Fez El-Bali (Old Medina). Its old characteristics, especially leather tanning,

which are practiced in the same way. Tanning was the source of livelihood for many families in Fez or those who came to it from the neighboring regions. In addition to its commercial activity, it is a tourist component of the city and attracts many tourists, and everyone who visits the city of Fez can visit the bazaars and go to the basins where leather is tanned by traditional methods.

Dar al-Dabbagh faced many difficulties, including the shortage of manpower, with the emergence of other trades and modern industries, weak material profit, as well as the difficult health situation of tanneries, and some harassment from the owners of the bazaars who acquire their products from modern factories.

The Tanning House has recently known a vast restoration process to restore it to its previous era and in an attempt to prevent it from extinction. It currently extends over an area of ​​more than 7000 square meters, of which 4000 meters are covered and includes 190 workshops, and the number of manufacturers exceeds a thousand manufacturers who produce 5,000 ready-made leather daily for manufacturing.

The restoration process came within the framework of re-consideration of a craft characterized by continuity and preserving the historical monuments that characterize the city of Fez and within the program of restoration and rehabilitation of 27 historical monuments in the ancient city of Fez, including 2 traditional tanneries, namely, The Tannery of Sidi Mussa and Dar Al-Dabbagh Shwara.

Dar al-Dabbagh Shwara became operating in a new environment, and the restoration helped to preserve this historical heritage that struck deep in history.

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