Morocco the safest destination

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Morocco the safest destination

Morocco as the safest destination after Covid 19

Corona Virus had changed the world, many fields around the world are suffering because of the pandemic, above them all is tourism, since the borders are closed and traveling becomes so much dangerous, and because of the Quarantine that acquires people to stay at home due to the fear of the virus spreading. Luxury Fez Tours will help you to spend the vacation you need in the safest places in Morocco, cities which have fought against the virus.

Morocco the safest destination is considered as the first choice for people around the world as a destination to travel to after the pandemic. Since Morocco has been proud of due to its strict strategies to control the virus and forbid it from the spread among citizens. One of the best places you can enjoy your summer in is Chefchaouen, a blue city that attracts visitors from outside and inside Morocco with its clean and fresh atmosphere. In addition to Merzouga desert where you can spend the night outside in camps between the dunes and the stars after a long-staying at home.

Furthermore, Tangier, Assilah, Rabat, are already ready to welcome visitors due to their beaches and historical monuments, including Hercules cave, from which you can learn about the history of Morocco, and through the old museums and the huge walls, besides Marrakech the Red City where tourists from all over the world gather exchanging cultures and laugh.

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Fez is as attractive as it was before Covid 19, you can see people enjoying their hobbies and what they use to do freely since Fez has followed the acquired procedures to protect itself and its inhabitants from the virus. Without

forgetting Volubilis and the Romans Ruins as well, and Ouarzazate the city of castles which has zero percent of the virus, according to the last records.

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