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Jewish Culture in Fez

Ibn Danan Synagogue: The Jewish Culture in Fez, Morocco

Discover the Jewish Culture in Fez

Fez is a historic Arab Islamic city located in the Kingdom of Morocco, an ancient city dating back to the year of 789 AD, and that was at the hands of Idriss II who made Fez the capital of the Idrisi state in the Arab Maghreb. And throughout its ancient history remained a strong, prosperous, and developed city in various fields including the Religious one.

The city of Fez includes many archaeological and historical monuments that bear witness to the ancient history of the city, and these landmarks are an important center for attracting visitors and tourists from inside and outside the city, The Jewish Culture in Fez and the most important of these monuments is the Ibn Danan Synagogue that is among the interests of Luxury Fez Tours, which will give you the opportunity to explore it and discover its history.

The Ibn Danan Synagogue was built in the 17th century, and it is located in the city of Fez. It is one of the oldest synagogues in Morocco and is still used by some Jews, who stayed in Morocco until now, and it is originally owned by one of the prominent Moroccan Jewish families, and it was built in the seventeenth.

There is a platform of wood for the reader and iron inside a frilled Mihrab, and there is a pair of carved wooden panels that were designated for the Torah, and there is a wall on the eastern side decorated with ornate tiles, and the floor is decorated with bright green and glazed white tiles in the form of a fish.

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