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Fes Cooking Class

Fes Cooking Class

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 Fez Cooking Class

The best way to discover the magical secrets of a certain culture would be by knowing the secrets of its own food. But when it comes to the irresistible Moroccan food.

There will be millions of secrets to unravel. In cooking class in Fez, you would be able to taste the most incredible Moroccan Food.

Also, learn how to cook the most famous Moroccan Dishes.

Find out more about our fez cooking class

Get a complete experience, new comfortable, funny activities to break the usual planning of Moroccan travel class”, to learn the secrets of Moroccan cuisine.

(9.30-10.30H): Free pick up, drive together to your master chef to have a discussion about meal and pastry options.

You’ll have wide different options for meals such as:


Kefta with Tomato Sauce and Eggs,

Bajaj (chicken) Maqalli,

Preserved Lemons,

Meshwi (grill),

Lamb with Prunes,

Couscous with seven vegetables,



 Moroccan Traditional soups :(Harira, herbal)

Moroccan salads like za3louk, Ttaktkouka, Salad of chopped cucumbers- tomatoes and onions, Bakula, Rice and Tuna Salad, Potato Salad, and Green Bean Salad.

Make bread and take it to the local Farran (oven) for baking (khubz, khubz with olive) Harcha, Malawi, Baghrir, Moroccan mint tea and any other types of Morrocan food. In this class,  you’ll also have different.

Moroccan pastries such as Cookies, Mahancha, Makerout, Briouats, Baklawa, ka3b ghazal, Fekkas , Ghoribas with milk, Ghoriba with Almonds, Ghoriba Bahla, Ghoribas with Coconut…and more.

Cooking class in Fez -The real spiritual mystery of Morocco

Next,  we’ll go to a local market to buy groceries and needed ingredients, taking much time to discover Moroccan spices (Ras El-Hanout, Anise, Fenugreek, Sesame Seeds, Cinnamon, Saffron, Ginger, Turmeric….).

After, making the shopping with a master  Chef, back to the traditional Moroccan house built in the 14 century with a lovely garden and real Moroccan designs to take our class in a relaxed atmosphere, to learn tricks, secrets and cooking tips from the top chefs in Fez.

Roll up your sleeves, and start cooking with the help of your chef; acquire new techniques; In addition to superb memories. When you finish, sit and relax at a rounded table to enjoy your delicious dishes made by yourself.

Finally, back to the hotel/Riad.

Included :

Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
Pick up hotel/riad
Drop-off hotel/riad
Professional driver
Visit Souk / local Market
Learn how to prepare the classic  Moroccan dishes
Local Master-chef
Not Included:
Local guide
Personal items

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Hotel/Riad in Fes
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Included
    Pick up & drop off Hotel/Riad
    Professional English- French-speaking driver
    Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Not Included
     Discover beautiful waterfalls of Sefrou
    camel trekking
    Discover population living caves in Bhalil
    Entrance fees to historical sites.
    Hotel/ Riad overnight stays.
    Local Guide
    Mineral water
    Night in Desert

Tour Plan

Fes Cooking Class
On your Fes Cooking Class You would be introduced to the amazing Colorful Moroccan Couscous, mesmerizing Tajines; incredible Hot soups and wonderful Salads. Only  to discover and fall in love with the perfect mixture of the fragrant Moroccan spices and creative way of cooking.

Tour In The Market:

The Fes cooking class starts with an unforgettable tour in the Souk (Moroccan Local Market). To carefully choose your own ingredients for a perfect delicious meal. You will get to pick your own fresh meat, tasty vegetables and fruits, and the amazing combination of the Moroccan spices. Our Team will take you on a comprehensive tour not only to have the needed ingredients but also to explore a huge part of the Moroccan Culture. As The souks or the markets are the perfect chance to see the most captivating Moroccan handicrafts and charming Handmade items, beautifully made to represent the impressive history and deep traditions of the authentic Morocco. The Colors in the souks, the humble smiley locals. Also the friendly sellers and the spectacular Moroccan touch hidden in every corner of the souk. Would certainly make you fall in Love with the ancient captivating country.

Cooking the Moroccan Way:

Next on Fes cooking Class, a native Moroccan Chef will introduce you to the basic Moroccan ways of making the most irresistible dishes. To be able to cook your own Moroccan dish in the most creative original one. You will get to be a professional Moroccan chef and gladly experience the smooth combination of every ingredient . To  finally give a perfect Moroccan plate. Where you would taste the uniqueness and beauty of Moroccan cooking obviously shown in every single bite you take.    

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