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Why you should visit Morocco ?

Morocco is a famous country .That attract tourists world widely because of its culture, nature,historical monument and the delicious food. Here are the various reasons why you should visit Morocco.

1-The amazing weather and the beautiful beaches

why you should visit morocco

Essaouira beach

Morocco has beaches along the mediterranean sea and the atlantic ocean, the beaches are clean also the perfect place to chill. The most famous beaches areas are M’diq ;Asilah,El jadida. And for water sports lovers places like Agadir and Assaouira are the perfect places for surfing in Morocco. These beaches attract national and international visitors all around the year.

2-Imperial cities with ancient history and magnificent architecture.

why you should visit moroccoi

Moroccan Architecture

Fes,Marrakech,Meknes and Rabat are the four imperial cities of Morocco, Rabat is the capital city . All the four cities are known for their old medinas, souks , ancient historical monument, like the tannerie and Bab-Boujloud in Fes.Djemaa-el fna in Marrakech,Bab-el-Mansour in Meknes, and the Hassan tower in Rabat. Without forgetting the amazing Moroccan architecture, the majestic riads and mosques, the colorful and extra ordinary buildings, like Hassan 2 mosque in casablanca and university of Al Quaraouine in Fes.


3-Diverse nature and the mesmerizing sahara desert

why you should visit morocco

High Atlas Mountains , Morocco

Morocco has three different Atlas mountains. The high Atlas,The middle Atlas, and the Anti –Atlas. For the best hiking adventure, jbel toubkal is your go to , situated in the high Atlas mountains, near from Marrakech. Morocco’s mountains are great for outdoor adventures like horse riding. You can also visit a berber village, and experience locals wild lifestyle. Moreover you can also experience the sahara desert adventure such as landscaping,riding a camel,also camping .And  enjoy ther amazing stars in the dark night skies ,and stay away from all the stress of the city.

4-Mixed Arabs,Berber,and other races culture

why you should visit moro

Djemaa-el fna , Marrakech

Moroccan people are a mix of Arab and Berber,each group have influenced the traditions and culture of Moroccans till nowadays. Furthermore the Andalusians Muslims when they moved to north Africa, had a huge impact on the Moroccan traditions. Also the French , Portuguese , Spanish and the Jews influenced very much the Moroccan lifestyle.

5-Delicious food and hospitable people

why you should visit morocco

Moroccan Tajine

Moroccan cuisine is very wide and diverse, with its typical spices adding flavor to dishes.Most famous Moroccan meals are Tajine,Couscous,Pastilla,Harira, and a good range of Moroccan pastries like Fakas, Kaab ghzal. Moreover Moroccan souks (marketplaces) are very unique because you can find anything in the souks. Furthermore Moroccan people are known for their warm hospitality and a good sense of humor. Tourist from other countries would not have communication problems with locals because boith french and english are widely spoken .

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