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Chefchaouen City

Chefchaouen City Day Trip:

Your memorable journey would be to the blue heart of Morocco on a day trip from Fez to chefchaouen. Wandering through the windy narrow streets and discovering the authentic, calm side of Morocco.

Your Fes to Chefchaouen Day trip starts by picking you up from your Hotel or Riad in Fes. And then drive you towards a beautiful blue pearl perfectly hidden between the cliffs of the high Rif Mountains. We will stop along the way to have a fancy local breakfast and take some mesmerizing pictures of the panoramic views. Upon our arrival to the beautiful blue city, so we will wander through its blue narrow streets, lined with captivating little shops.

Where you can find the most creative and captivating Moroccan handicrafts, mostly beautifully woven items (Chefchaouen’s specialty). Next on you Fes to Chefchaouen Day Trip. We will have a memorable tour through the blue-washed buildings. Small squares. Ornate fountains and houses with elaborately decorated authentic doorways and red tile roofs. Our team will take around the old monuments of the blue city. As the famous Grand Mosque, and The Plaza Uta el-Hammam Square, to admire the fascinating.

Exotic mix of Arabic and Spanish architecture. You could be also able to visit The Kasbah, the walled fortress with a lovely garden, and a small authentic gallery. As soon as we finish exploring the relaxing places and historical sites of the blue city. Then we will have the tastiest Moroccan Tagine in a charming little Restaurant.

Furthermore overlooking the beautiful panoramic views of the Ech-Chaoua Mountains. In the late afternoon, we will take the road heading to Fes the surviving city, passing by the most charming landscapes and fascinating views, to admire the spectacular Moroccan nature,also have some fresh mountains air and take some great pictures. At the end of your unforgettable Chefchaouen Day Trip, your personal driver will take you back to your stunning Hotel in Fes to get some rest

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