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North and South Towers of Fez

A Discovery Tour of the North and South Towers of Fez

The North and South Towers of Fez are one of the historical landmarks of Fez Morocco, as they are of the highest observation points in the country, and they are a fort that represents an ancient architectural monument covering an area of ​​2250 square meters and displays old traditional weapons. With Luxury Fez Tours, you will have the chance to discover those Towers in person.

Discover more aboute the North and South Towers of Fez

The North and South Towers of Fez are characterized by designs inspired by the arts of Portuguese castles. The fortification of the fort of the Northern and Southern Towers date back to the era of the Saadi state, where Sultan Ahmed Al-Mansur ordered its construction in 1582 for defensive military purposes, and in the period of French rule was used as a prison, and in 1963 they were converted into a weapons museum, to become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Fez.

As you wander around the towers, you will also enjoy the wonderful architecture of fossils, walls and carved columns, and the wonderful panoramic view of the city of Fez and its monuments, the green landscape and the mountains surrounding it, which are available from the balconies and roofs of the fort.

The Northern and Southern Towers are located on top of a steep hill, and they are distinguished for their wonderful views of the city and their proximity to it and from other prominent historical and natural monuments, such as the door of Bab Boujloud and the mosque of Al-Karaouin, Bab Ftouh and other distinctive tourist places in Fez.

The Southern Tower was distinctly built in the late sixteenth century. It is located, as indicated by its name, south of Fez Al-Bali, on the exits of Bab Ftouh. It was built on a rocky elevation that overlooks the city, called the “Tar Stone”. As is the case with the North Tower facing it, its role has shifted from a fortress that stands in the face of any possible external attack to a military machine to repel the attacks of the tribes neighboring the city.

The Towers are built with cob technology, available at a steeply angled tower on its southern side and two rectangular side towers on the western and eastern fronts, in addition to a fourth tower on the northern side.

The lower floor of the Tower has an open corridor that leads to a group of rooms, most likely to have been used as ammunition storage.
Upstairs, there are seven cramped rooms that appeared to house the guards.
The roofs of the Towers consist of two floors and have many cannons and firearms holes.

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